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In-House Lab

In-House Dental Laboratory

Behind every great dentist stands a great team of dental technicians and ceramists. Less than 1%  percent of dental offices have an in-house dental laboratory. Our office has assembled a world-class group of dental technicians with more than 60 years of experience.

Dental offices that have in-house dental labs are at a true advantage over traditional dental offices. The in-house laboratory is especially helpful when creating complex dental rehabilitations. Also, it is critical when matching dental ceramics with natural teeth.

Smile Makeover with Porcelain Veneers

Two Porcelain Veneers to Replace Failing Bonding

Porcelain Restorations to Restore Worn Enamel

Porcelain Restorations to Restore Failing Teeth

Porcelain Restorations to Restore Failing Teeth

Porcelain Restorations to Restore Failing Teeth

Porcelain Restorations to Restore Failing Teeth

Implant-Supported Hybrid Denture to Replace Lost Teeth

Porcelain Restorations on the Model

Porcelain and Gold Posterior Restorations

Our in-house laboratory technicians are highly trained in tooth morphology and anatomy, framework design, and aesthetics. With their expertise, they will precisely craft your dental restoration.

In addition, our technicians are on the premises, so we can consult with them throughout your therapy to ensure the proper fit and aesthetic match, and provide custom-fit adjustments. Their ability to troubleshoot and offer innovative solutions to complex case designs is among their many talents.

Their skill, artistry, and dedication will combine to provide you with the highest level of quality, both in form and function, along with the most pleasing cosmetic result.

We also have excellent equipment to assure we have the desired precision and aesthetics, from our single crowns to our full-mouth reconstructions. Our top-of-the-line porcelain furnaces achieve the best aesthetics and strength for all ceramics.

In addition, our technician checks the fit of each crown to its die using a microscope and makes sure each crown is biocompatible with its surrounding gingiva (gum tissue).

Laboratory Technicians


Dental Ceramist

I love to watch someone smiling again after their restorations have been placed. Each person’s smile is important to them, how they feel about the world, and their comfort. I work in our on-site laboratory, where I design and fabricate aesthetic dental restorations.



Dental Technician

I love being part of a team with a single goal: putting a smile on each patient’s face. Seeing a patient who’s happy with a restored and healthy smile is the highlight of my day. I work pouring impressions to mounting the case. I also handle investing and devesting the restoration.



Dental Technician

I love being part of a team that creates new smiles for people. When someone is pleased with the results, I’m thrilled. I work in our lab, performing various tasks: full-contour wax-ups, porcelain, denture setup, wax-up, relines, hybrid setup/wax-ups, and bite blocks.