In Crown & Bridge and Cosmetic Dentistry

There are SIMPLER, BETTER, FASTER and MORE PROFITABLE ways of producing crown and bridge and cosmetic dentistry. You will love these techniques!

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Seminar hours:

CE Credits:

Maximizing Profitability with
Better Clinical Protocols

March 4-5, 2016

Sheraton Sand Key Resort
Clearwater Beach, FL

Fri/Sat 8:00AM to 5PM


** A 1 day hands on Dental Assistant seminar for ACRYLIC PROVISIONAL RESTORATIONS is offered at our Clearwater office on either Friday, March 4 or Saturday, March 5, 2016. Click here for details.

Approved PACE Program Provider FAGD/MAGD Credit.
Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or
provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement.
The current term of approval extends from 4/1/2011
to 3/31/2015 Provider ID # 208350

Other Topics to Enlighten Your Path:

  • Profit From Failures
  • Tissue Retraction
  • Diagnostic Waxing Parameters
  • Digital Photography
  • Violation Of The Biologic Width
  • Cementation Protocol
  • Open Flap Biologic Shaping
  • Cosmetic Perio Surgery
  • Die Models
  • Phonetic Principles
  • Articulators
  • Lab Costs
  • Best Ceramic Bonds
  • Provisional Restorations
  • Perfect Posts & Cores Minimizing Lab Costs
  • Handpieces And Diamonds
  • Laboratory Roles
  • Magnification & Light
  • Perio/Restorative Protocols
  • Staff Roles
  • Mastering Scheduling Dynamics
  • Selling the Case
  • Eliminating Pathological Failures
  • Microleakage Prevention
  • Answers To All Questions

Dental Seminar for You

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Testimonials From Previous Attendees Of
Clearwater, FL

2013 Seminar Evaluation Testimonials
January 25 & 26

“This was the best, simplest explanation of CR-CO and VDO that I have seen in almost 30 years of dentistry!”
Dr. Prince Arrington III, Apex NC

“Dr. Strupp’s presentation of the material not only leaves you feeling that you have all the information you need to do the treatment necessary, but that you are able and wanting to go back to the office and do it!”
Dr. Keith Melaas, Warren, MI

“Extremely complex concepts simplified into information that can be understood and applied by anyone.”
Dr. Jonathan Ludwig, Leland, NC

“I have been going to a lot of seminars for the last 3 years trying to finish my CE credits required for the MAGD and by far the weekend with Dr. Strupp was one of the best CE that I have taken.”
Dr. Rodrigo De Marco, Winter Springs, FL

“This course is by far the best course I have ever taken which truly helps simplify complex cosmetic and restorative cases.”
Donato Napoletano, Middletown, NY

“Dr. Strupp’s the godfather of crown & bridge dentistry. His experience and results are unmatched in our profession today.”
Dr. Clifton Cameron, Fayetteville, NC

“Dr. Strupp is a straight shooter and tells you like it is and how his protocols work. The course truly simplifies complex cases without the pretentious attitude found in other courses!”
Dr. Chris Francese, Jamestown, NY

“One of the best seminars I have attended in 31 years of practice. Great explanation of all ceramic choices for restorations. Tissue response was beautiful.”
Dr. Mike Hatchett, Jacksonville, TX

“I wish I would have taken this course 15 years ago. Dr. Strupp knows his craft and is a true artist. I believe he inspires all of us to be better dentists.”
Dr.Elisa Suarez, Miami Lakes, FL

“I saw Dr. Strupp 10 years ago. Information presented at that time changed the way I practiced especially with diagnosis and treatment planning of large cases…still relevant today.”
Dr. Lawrence Coffin, Jr. Lancaster, PA

“One of the most entertaining, informative and interactive speaker I have ever heard!”
Dr. Hal Rider, New Iberia, LA

“If you can handle the truth, this is the course for you. If you cannot handle the truth – don’t waste your time attending Dr. Strupp’s lectures. Dr. Strupp’s course will provide you with the most straight forward and concise methods to demystify the myths about complex cases in dentistry.”
Dr. Lynn A. Jester, Louisville, KY

“There is another level in dentistry ….it’s called “Strupp”
Dr. Eric Roman, Fayetteville, NC

“It’s a humbling eye-opener that has motivated me to elevate the quality of treatment I provide for my patients.”
Dr. Parimal Panchal, Wilmington, NC

“I wish I would have taken this class when I first got out of school!”
Dr. James Holt, Southlake, TX

“This was a wonderful course and I will bring these ideas and techniques back to my office.”
Dr. Joan Kirschner, Merrick, NY

“Great lecture. Great lecturer, well run. I will be back.”
Dr. Robert P. Stowe, Winston Salem, NC

“Looking for a non-biased no holds barred approach to elevate your dentistry? Run, don’t walk to hear Dr. Strupp.”
Dr. Ron Evans, Rockwall, TX

“This seminar was very informative. I’m very glad I invested in this opportunity so early in my career.”
Dr. Heather Johnson, Grand Forks, ND

“Great course! Worth the time and cost.”
Catalin Teodoru, Clermont, FL

“Excellent overview of restoration on complex cases including cosmetics, occlusion and function.”
Dr Meredith Galloway, Bradenton, FL

“It’s the kind of course that those of us who practice in the trenches need to hear to get us out of the trenches.”
Dr. James C. Martin, Auburn, AL

“I have been practicing for 35 years. After this presentation, I need a full week with no patients to study the material presented and to implement the changes.”
Dr. Yohama Lorenzo, Miami, FL

“Dr. Strupp delivered all techniques and methods to create excellent, beautiful and predictable results.”
Dr. Michelle Morrow, Belfast, ME

“All the dentists, especially new dentists, should take this class. The knowledge that you will gain from Dr. Strupp will be valuable for your career. You will become a better clinician after this class.”
Dr. Nathan Ho, Roanoke, TX

“Concise, informative, accurate knowledge to perform healthy, aesthetic and functional restorative dentistry.”
Brent William, Springdale, OH

“Excited to do some full arch restoration. Never thought I would be close to comfortable taking on such a task.”
Dr. Laura Scott, Liberty, KY

“As a recent graduate, this course motivated me to be the very best dentist I can be by instilling the techniques Dr. Strupp presented.”
Dr. Daniel Fenton, Boca Raton, FL

“I will definitely come back!”
Dr. Michelle Buechele, Leesburg, FL

“To be the best – hear the best.”
Dr. John Lindeman, Indialantic, FL

“A well presented, organized fact filled seminar. Lots of ‘pearls’ to take back to the office.”
Dr. Paul Stasiewicz, Alexandria, VA

“Very Informative and a full 2 days of fun.”
Dr. Karen Williamson, Rockwell, TX

“Sound, simple concepts presented in a fast paced manner. Enlightening, humorous, and informative!”
Dr. David Bennett, Dublin, OH

“Very good seminar, it showed me techniques I can use right away to improve my practice.”
Dr. Carlos Marques, Miami, FL

“Great basic principles for providing long lasting precise dental treatment for all patients.”
Dr. Matthew Grabowski, Apex, NC

“A fantastic opportunity to learn step by step protocols for everyday dentistry from a leader in cosmetic dentistry.”
Dr. Nathan Lester, Evanston, WY

“Bill Strupp is a captivating lecturer, who actually has experience to back up what he says! Changed my dentistry.”
Dr.Caprice Dakwar, Rochester, NY

“An experienced talented entertaining lecturer with down to earth solutions for problems.”
Dr. Franklin Ward, Orlando, FL

“Dr. Strupp allows you to learn from his mistakes.”
Dr. Jennifer Vermillion, Summit Hill, PA

“Very down to earth and useful information.”
Dr. E. Puddicombe, Webster, NY

“I thought that I was a pretty good operator who paid attention to detail. Now I know I can do better after hearing Dr. Strupp.”
Dr. Michael Flynn, West Allis, WI

“Bill Strupp continues to set the standard in dental CE, is thorough, up to date on materials & techniques & not afraid to tell it like it is.”
Dr. Bob Grillo, South. Windsor, CT

“As a recent grad from dental school (1.5 years) I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to increase the quality of their dentistry.”
Dr. Zachary Grillo, South Windsor, CT


2012 Seminar Evaluation Testimonials
February 10 & 11

" I heard Dr. Strupp 2 years ago. This information has change the way I practice. I am more productive, my preps are different and there is a greater focus on promoting healthy, biologically excellent dentistry."
Brad Russell, DMD Columbia Mo

"Very thorough, honest straightforward approach."
Jeff Evans, DDS Findlay, OH

"Just Do It. You won't have a better experience learning from anyone else."
Chris Reneer, DDS Gordon, NE

"Dr. Strupp is so knowledgeable and experienced while remaining so realistic and personable. Everyone was given respect when answering questions."
Brian L. Hasse, DDS Wichita Falls, TX

"He doesn't just talk about theory, he talks about what works and what doesn't. He Shows his successes and his failures and how to avoid them."
David Porter, DDS LaPorte, IN

"I want Dr. Strupp to restore my mouth. What else can I say!!"
David Schwartz, DDS Great Neck, NY

"Excellent Course I go to many seminars Dr. Strupp's no nonsense approach is refreshing, sincere and applicable."
David Schaefer, DMD Louisville, KY

"I should have taken this course 10 yrs ago."
W. Darrel Fain Prescott, AR

"Learned techniques that can be put into my practice immediately."
Kayleen Quinn, DMD Ocala, FL

"Dr. S delivers a high quality presentation in a no nonsense approach to excellent, repeatable dentistry."
Roger Fender, DDS Lees Summit, MO

"This lecture could change your entire practice if implemented fully."
Mark Ballinger, DDS Timonium, MD

"Dr. Strupp says it like it is in easy to follow steps. The man is a riot!"
H. Williams, DMD Homosassa, FL

"Thank you Dr. Strupp for achieving excellence and incorporating sound science and smart solutions to everyday dentistry."
Beth Bordon, DDS Greensboro, NC

"This seminar is the best seminar for teaching quality crown & bridge."
Brad Nicholson, DDs Carbondale, CO

"Dr. Strupp does a good job of blowing the smoke away and making things clear."
Thomas Albiero, DDS Germantown, WI

"The most complete, unbiased, full arch dentistry course I've ever seen."
David Hill, DDS Sherwood, AR

"Best seminar ever attended. It is a must at least every 5 years. This is my third in 20 years."
John Schwerer, DMD Ft. Pierce, FL

"Dr. Strupp shows dentists the road to mastery."
Steven Roth, DMD New York, NY

"Great seminar that simplifies restoring oral tissues and dental rehab using scientifically Based methods. Excellent care for lifetime health."
Dale Giesting, DDS Brookville, IN

"This lecture will provide information for a clinician at any level in their career To implement immediately."
Pauline Jiddou, DDS Commerce Township, MI

"I attended seminar 20 years ago, the material presented has evolved and is pertinent to today's style of quality practice. Dr. Strupp has always been ready to help dentists achieve their clinical goals. He has been instrumental to my success!"
Tony Agapis, DDS Chester, VA

"Bill's presentation is a "must attend" for any clinician practicing in the 21st century."
Rick Rasmussen, DDS Tampa, FL

"I like repeating this program. Since the last time I attended, I have been able to do more complex cases with greater confidence and success."
Michael Berry, DDS Moberly, MO

"Not your average drill and fill seminar. Recommend for anyone involved with full-mouth rehabilitation and perfection."
Rein Dickerson, DDS Mineral Wells, TX

"This has been the best course I've taken in years. I learned more here than what I learned in dental school and many other courses on this topic."
Omayra Torres, DMD Davenport, FL


Dear Bill,
I recently evaluated the things that I do every day in my office and I was astounded at the techniques I use that I have learned from Bill Strupp and at the number of techniques I have improved over the years after attending one of your seminars or reading your news letter.
I have been practicing for over 30 years and following your advice for 20 years, so it was a very pleasant surprise to me when I recently attended your two day seminar on Clearwater Beach and had several major "ah ha" moments, which I put into practice the next Monday.
Bill, you have provided great information that I use on routine and sophisticated cases. You have helped patients in my practice that you will never meet. I sincerely want to say "Thank you."
Tom DeLopez. D.D.S
Tallahasee, Florida
“I will never be able to thank Dr. Bill Strupp enough for teaching and guiding me early in my career to build a successful C&B restorative practice. My family, my staff, and most important, my patients are thankful for Dr. Strupp helping me achieve the highest level of quality of dentistry available that we currently enjoy and provide. If you pride yourself in being a superior restorative dentist, this course should be mandatory! I’ve been across the country and have attended almost every well-respected post grad CE program available and can guarantee, the ROI (return on investment) on this course is unmatched, and the reason I return every year.”
Allen Prevette, DDS, Charlotte, NC

“Dr. Strupp presents his material in a straight-forward, honest manner with his no holds barred approach combined with a pragmatic approach where he is candid about his failures. A truly great overall learning experience.” Eric Farmer, DDS, Wichita, KS

“Bill continues to raise the bar higher and higher for the best dentistry has to offer. Thank you.” Gerald Alexander, DMD, New Haven, Ct.

“The information you provide can be implemented without having to purchase one piece of equipment. The only change needed is me…. and that is easy to change.” Galen Staley, DDS, Idaho Falls, ID

“Dr. Strupp cuts through all the nonsense we hear and gets down to what is necessary, efficient and practical.” Ray D. Snider, DDS, Fort Worth, TX

 “Bill Strupp’s ‘Simplifying Complex Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry’ is the essential course for any dentist at any experience level wanting to treat full arch cases predictably and with confidence.” Marc B. Gainor, DMD MAGD, New York, NY

“Amazing – Bill Strupp proves again he is the best restorative dentist in America – plus he teaches you to simplify the hardest cases with a logical simple step by step protocol.” Bob Grillo, DDS, S. Windsor, CT

“As usual, Bill provides the cutting edge of dentistry – clinically and technically. That’s why I’ve come to his seminars for 20 years.” R. David Rush, DMD, Greenville, SC

“Bill Strupp presents quality dentistry that is within the potential of any dentist to achieve. His techniques and ideas are uncorrupted by the influence of corporate sponsorship.” Frank Michitti, DDS, Farmington, CT
“This seminar has been full of Simplifying guidelines that I can use in my practice with confidence and better results.” Maria Toirac, DDS, Miami, FL

“Experienced based dental education at its best based on science and common sense.” Paul Hughes, DDS, Port Matilda, PA

“Incredible information. This is not a seminar, it is a dental school with a new perspective, putting patients and their health and well being first, and doing dentistry in this world that’s out of this world.” Hussein Dhayni, DDS, Warren, MI

“This is the best $ you can spend on CE. Bill is a no nonsense real world class dentist. We should all strive to be like Bill without the accent!” Alan Krantz, DDS, Jacksonville, FL

“Makes complex cases easy with much less stress for all involved – the patients, the assistants, and the dentist.” Greg Burns, DMD, Macon, GA

“Worth coming from the other corner of the country.” Kevin King, DDS, Spokane, WA

“Very informative for the everyday dentist. Bill is a myth buster!” Joseph Marchi, DMD, Natroma Heights, PA

“Strupp takes the fear out of performing complex dentistry by eliminating much of the confusion created by “flavor of the week” doctrines. I can take the information he presented and apply it to the first patient I treat on Monday.” Richard Viloria, DDS, Olathe, KS

“Dr. Strupp really knows his stuff, he’s Pankey, Dawson, LVI rolled in one!” Josephine Weber, DMD, San Francisco, CA

“If you are driven to “do it right” this is the seminar for you.” Greg Sopel, DMD, Horseshoe Bay, TX

“This seminar was excellent for accelerating my confidence in restoring more complex full mouth cases by getting rid of all the occlusion confusion caused by the “gurus” these days.” Marc Alber, DDS, Boulder, CO

“As a dental technician, the seminar helped me gain more knowledge to pass on to my dental customers and suggest they attend this type of educational seminar to increase their dental knowledge.” Ric Herbert, CDT, Apopka, FL

“Truly simplicity is the other side of sophistication. Thank you Bill for speaking honestly about hot topics and guiding us toward simplicity.” Wayne Kinney, DDS, Indianapolis, IN

“He provides a simple, straightforward view of restoring complex cases. He shows how most people are making dentistry too complicated.” Derek McKaskle, DDS, Katy, TX

“Most pearls I’ve ever collected from one seminar / one lecturer.” Kristin Shinnick, DMD, Dhalimar, FL

Testimonials From Previous Attendees Of
Santa Barbara, CA
“Bill provides a no – nonsense, practical protocol that results in a predictable restorative outcome that anyone can achieve.” Nick Utz, DDS,  Uncasville, CT

“Totally appreciated the thorough written notes of the whole lecture and more; the step by step simplicity of the procedures; able to apply to small cases as well as large cases.”
George Loftus, DDS, Coeur d'alene, ID

“This seminar definitely gets you thinking outside the box. You can now begin to see dentistry in a whole new light.” Richard Fernandez, DDS,  Canyon Country, CA

“A very enlightening experience that really does simplify the process of treating the whole mouth.” Paul Larsen, DMD, Bountiful, UT

“I have followed and heard Bill many times over the last 15 years and he never fails to amaze me with his knowledge and dedication to practice and teach world class dentistry.” Richard Cavallaro, DDS, Lemon Grove, CA

“One of the first seminars I was excited to go to. I was looking forward to learning something new and I wasn’t disappointed.” Mia Concepcion, DDS,  Fullerton, CA

“A nicely organized and well presented educational experience presented by a real “wet fingered” educator. Both enjoyable and understandable.” Jeff Kohler, DDS, Phoenix, AZ

“This course covers every aspect of of restoring gingival health and giving the patient a beautiful smile. I’m motivated.” Bonnie Morehead, DDS, Manteca, CA

“Dr. Strupp is a real honest dentist and the wisest of doing the very difficult procedures and knows how to teach us to follow his philosophy in dentistry.” Laura Lam, DDS, San Jose, CA

“This is high end stuff. I’m fresh out of school and can take this information to help develop my philosophy for practice.” Kyle Mortensen, DMD, Bakersfield, CA

“Excellent seminar – excited to go back to my office and implement these concepts.” Andrew Rowe, DDS, Alameda, CA

“The “goodie bag” alone was worth the trip over from New Zealand.” Jared Christofferson, BDS, Auckland, NZ

“Very comprehensive and informative course. Boatloads of information presented and covered.” Douglas Johansen, DDS, St. Joseph, MI

“This seminar can simplify your life as a dentist (not with your spouse!)” Catalin Constantin, DDS, Minneopolis, MN

“The knowledge given has sparked within me the choice to change what the heart of my practice story will become. Thank you most graciously.” Steven Schmidt, DDS, La Crosse WI

“Every Concept will improve your practice.”Todd Gillan, DDS, Lowell MI

“Invaluable information at a mile a minute. Dr. Strupp’s integrity level seems to be what motivates his findings and intentions.”Jim Fakler, DDS, West Allis WI

“The biggest regret of my career is not hearing Bill earlier. I’ve been practicing 20 years and didn’t hear him until 3 years ago. He has changed the way I practice dentistry.”Daniel Paulos, DDS, Chicago IL

“One of the best technical courses I have taken that allows relatively easy implementations in my office.”Mark Schaffer, DDS, Fargo MD

“Never a wasted moment. Never a wasted word.”Mike Call, DDS, Saginaw MI

“This seminar has dispelled some misconceptions about the difficulty of treating comprehensive cases.”Steven Dawson, DMD, Jerseyville IL

“This is the third time I have been to Bill’s seminar. He continues to prove to me and the rest of the dental world that excellence is achievable and completely dependent on the dentist! Everyone is capable of doing great dentistry. Bill shows this to everyone – not everybody makes the decision to do the things that make things work, work well and work for a lifetime. This is a very sad but true testimony to this profession. Bill is a TRUE professional and someone that obviously cares about what he does and tries to help others do the best dentistry possible. Really wish more people on the lecture circuit had the same thought process!” Mark Panneton, DDS, LaVista NE

“This seminar is the practical seminar that you can put all systems and materials to work right away.” Caroline Berman, DMD, Miami FL

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